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I have no hesitation recommending Wheaton Website Services

I have used Wheaton Website Services for quite a few jobs over the last few years. They always responds quickly and offer good advice. I have no hesitation recommending them again if you need to update your website.
Testimonial By: Gail

Would give Jim a 6 if the scale went that high

Would give Jim a 6 if the scale went that high. We had a large project updating our Zen Cart website. Jim was always highly responsive to questions and problems. We use to use overseas providers but decided it was worth the small difference in rate to have a US programmer. Difference was like night and day and worth every cent. Same time zones, speaking the same language, priceless. You will not be disappointed with Jim.
Testimonial By: Steve

Exceptional Knowledge and Service!

Jim has absolutely been a life saver for us. If there's any question in your mind whether you need help with your Zen Cart, then you need Jim immediately! Always available, incredibly knowledgeable and gets the job done. Period. Thanks Jim!

David J.
Testimonial By: David Johnson — McKinney, TX, United States — Elkhorn Enterprises, Inc.


I don not normally give testimonials but this one is absolutely necessary. I spent an entire day searching and chatting with "SO CALLED ZEN CART PRO'S" and was not successful in finding ANYONE whom I thought was capable of resolving a huge number of issues with my zen cart installation. I somehow SEARCHED my way to E-Lance and placed an ad for the job of Tweeking my site. Literally 100's of OVERQUALLIFIED applicants responded and somehow i chose JamesK.
He is absolutely the "BEST" I have ever seen with zencart and I have been designing webs for 10 years. So take it from a PRO - if you want a PRO = James K is "Da Man"!
Testimonial By: William Eddie Yandle — Martinsville, IN, United States — Dollar Music Store

Highly recommendable Expert, rare find!

Jim is the Professional you always hope to find and stick with.
I am glad I did. Very hard to find nowadays.
He is the most reliable, patient and experienced, with a great sense of humor!
When you get to work with Jim, who has superb customer service and professionalism, you sleep better, knowing that your business website will be working with no problems, and you are in good hands.

He is always available and have solutions for any problem.
I Highly recommend Jim for your projects, you will be glad you did.
I am, one of many, very satisfied clients.
Testimonial By: Michael Stanley — Aventura, FL, United States — ZTOWELSUSA

Jim Rules ZenCart

Jim has the patience of a saint, and unbelievable customer service.
Whether it is his superb hosting or His ZenCart Knowledge, I have no problem recommending him to handle your eCommerce project.
Testimonial By: Paul Jones — Bemidji, MN, United States — American Garage Door Supply Inc.

Great Customer Experience

Having dealt with a large number of free lance developers and "Zen Cart Experts" through E-Lance, oDesk and other out-sourcing websites, it was a true pleasure and relief to work with someone as insightful, knowledgeable and most importantly honest, as Jim.

When Jim had issues, concerns or problems he could not handle on his own, he did an excellent job communicating them with me in a timely and effective manner.

He accomplished all of his deliverables on time and kept me updated every step of the way. He was always available to explain things to me over the phone or via email and was patient with me on issues that were more complex than I understood.

I would highly recommend Jim King for his work with Zen Cart and its modules.
Testimonial By: Nicholas Turner — Clayton, MO, United States — DPM United LLC

Jim is the best Zen Cart Specialist I've ever outsourced!

Occasionally, my company will outsource special Zen Cart projects, but finding a qualified specialist has proven to be a crap-shoot. I don't enjoy a different freelancer every time I have a project. Last year, I finally found "Mr. Dream-come-true" in Zen Cart Specialists...Jim King, of Wheaton Website Services. Fast, fairly priced, skilled and dependable! Thanks Jim!
Testimonial By: Bj.

Jim's the BEST

Jim, is a joy to work with! Always responds rapidly, I mean usually within 15 minutes. He must live at his computer. AND he actually knows what he is doing. After going through several bad to mediocre Zen specialist, I am sticking with Jim.
Testimonial By: Brenda Hart — Fort Lupton, CO, United States

Jim has always gone out of his way to help me.

Jim has been helping me with my ZenCart shopping system for the last 2 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well as fast and efficient. Jim has always gone out of his way to help me and it has been a pleasure working with him. He is reliable and always honest and his rates a reasonable and fair. I don’t know what I would do without him!
Testimonial By: Julia