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For spam control, we offer SpamAssassin. It is software running on our servers that identifies spam email based on content-matching rules. By default, this is disabled.

You can enable it by logging into your cPanel. You'll find it in the Email section.


To enable the filter for your domain click the Enable Apache SpamAssassin. This will add '**SPAM**' to the subject line of any email it flags as spam.

To automatically filter all spam to a folder called 'spam', click the Enable Spam Box button.You will then need to review this folder periodically to look for false positives - good email that for filter.

To add email address to your whitelist or black list, click the Configure Apache SpamAssassin button.

SpamAssassin configuration

These steps above is our recommendation and will work nicely in most cases.

We DO NOT recommend enabling the Auto-Delete.

If you find you are getting too many good emails flagged as spam or too many spam emails in your inbox, you can adjust the Score setting.  A lower number will flag more emails as spam. A higher number will flag fewer email as spam.

No system will ever be 100% accurate. We suggest letting it run for a week after initially enabling it before making any adjustments to your Score. It does take time for it to learn.


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