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Building a Brand

Wheaton Website Services believes this blog underscores the heart of whether you can/will be successful, and that is based on if you have a brand or not. Not that you have an on-going company, and no matter how successful you currently are, if you do not have a brand, you are a temporary choice in a sea of options. Building a brand provides a solid foundation for success both online and offline.

Based on extensive research from Search Engine Journal, the 10 key points below illustrate that instead of trying to be a SEO wiz, or devote yourself to social media presence to gain a higher page rank, you need to start with building a brand brand, first, as it will improve your rank:

  1. Well-branded companies have higher organic quality scores, and better SERPs (search engine results page) page rank.
  2. Companies that have cross-channel off-line advertising to improve their brand awareness have higher rankings than companies that did not.
  3. Brand name recognition is a ‘critical’ measure when a consumer conducts a digital search on your company’s product.
  4. A well-known brand name can propel a #10 SERP listing to click perform as well as a #1 listing company.
  5. Google’s algorithm has mathematical preference for high brand driven snippets and knowledge panels (answers query questions).
  6. A well-known brand name will be more easily reached through a long-tail keyword search query for a product or service due to the awareness by the searcher.
  7. Hubspot reports that “generic long-tail searches, even without your brand name specifically mentioned” can lead to a more specific brand selection, which can be you.
  8. Nielsen 2018 study found consumers are 200% more likely to take the organic search result and purchase due to a ‘recognized Brand Trust’.
  9. Search Engine Land surveyed 400 consumers on what is the most important element in deciding which results to click on: 70% said ‘known brand.’
  10. SERP click through rate is now a top 3 page rank factor, which is driven by your Brand.

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