A new version of the USPS Shipping Module has been released.  Along with the general improvements that come with a new version, the ability to get rate quotes for either Retail or Online pricing has been added.  This further increases your ability to control the prices your customers pay for shipping and control your bottom line.

In previous versions, a handling fee applied across the board to all returned shipping rates. This was handy but also a bit limiting. In this new version, handling fees can be applied for each shipping option. This allows you to add, for example, $4 to Priority Mail and $12 to Express Mail. For some businesses, this level of control makes a big difference in they way the cover their shipping costs but also how they keep their shipping costs reasonable for their customers and prevent them from dropping out when presented with shipping costs that are too high.

If you are using the USPS Shipping Module we do recommend upgrading.  It’s quick and will not involve any downtime for your site. It can be ordered from our website at Zen Cart USPS Shipping Module Upgrade.

If you have an existing Support Package, the upgrade is included.