The big guys have a lot of advantages. Their marketing department is several times bigger than your whole company. They have a budget and other resources you can only dream of.

It pays to be little

But sometimes it pays to be little. You are closer to your customer, and their needs, than they will ever be. You can create and implement a marketing plan faster than they can convene a meeting of their marketing team.

With the virus limiting in store sales, the trend to online holiday purchases will greatly accelerate this year. The concept of Black Friday and a frenzied shopping weekend will not exist this year. Many companies have announced a much more spread out shopping season. Home Depot will begin on November 8th and run through the rest of the season. Best Buy has already begun their holiday promotion season. Have you?

You can’t compete with them for in store sales, but you can online. You can be more specific in your offers and in your language. You’re not speaking to hundreds of thousands of customers. Your language can be more specific. It can be more personal. And it should be more personal.

One big reason your customers buy from you is the connection they feel with you and your small business. This is something the big guys will never have. And something you would be foolish to not use in your marketing. Put a little *you* in all that you do.

This year, more than ever, reach out to your audience.

  • Let them know you’re still in business.
  • Remind them you are a small business.
  • Ask them to do business with you.
  • Tell them you want their support and appreciate their business.
  • Give them a deal or promotion to show your appreciation for their business.
  • Be clear on shipping times and response times.
  • Include cross sell and up sells to increase AOV.

Then keep an eye on what is working and adjust. You can adjust in hours and take advantage of trends so quickly. It pays to be little.

We all need to find our competitive advantage. Companies will not survive without one. One of yours is being a small business. Work it into your marketing. Shout it from the mountain top. This year the scales have tipped in your favor. Don’t miss out on the opportunity you’ve been given.

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