Dual Pricing Plugin for Zen Cart

Have you ever wanted to give some customers special pricing? It sounds simple enough but can be difficult to implement in the way you want. You could use a coupon to give 10% off all products. But if you'd like to discount some products more than others, a coupon won't work. You could build a

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Learn the What and Why of Website Goals

Do you know why you have a website? If you're answer is 'because I'm supposed to' then I'd tell you that you don't. Your website should have specific, measurable goals.  It might be an obvious goal like to sell products. But you can't stop there because that is not a well defined goal. What is a

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Autoresponder for Great Customer Service

Great customer service takes work and planning. The rewards for great customer service are immeasurable. Happy customers will: Return and re-order. Tell their friends. Share their experience on Facebook. Post links to your site on social media. Post images of your products on social media. Great customer service results in your customers doing marketing for

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What are Google Analytics Funnels?

Google Analytics provides lots of information.  The key is to find the useful and actionable information.  It's all too easy to get sucked into looking at interesting information that you can't do anything about. That's just a waste of time. A Google Analytics funnels are useful and actionable They are useful because it tells you how visitors are interacting

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