Security Warning – Is Your Site Really Secure?

You know security is important.  You have an SSL installed. Your site displays the SSL lock in the address bar to confirm it. Have you checked recently? If your site is displaying a security warning, that could have as big an effect on conversions and shopper confidence as if you didn't have an SSL in

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POODLE and the End of SSL v3

The recently announced POODLE security vulnerability has caused those in the security industry, and primarily in the payment processing business, to re-evaluate.  PayPal and have both announced they will end support for SSL v3.  What does that mean?  An article from does a nice job explaining what is POODLE and what it means. As

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Personalize Your Zen Cart Welcome Email

When a visitor registers and creates an account at your website they are immediately sent the Zen Cart Welcome Email.  Does yours look like this? The default text. Dear James, We wish to welcome you to Wheaton Website Services. You are now registered with our store and have account privileges: With your account, you can

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Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking your website data.  The key is find, measure and monitor the right data for your business.  You can spend hours poking around in Google Analytics and end up with nothing actionable. Google Analytics Dashboards will help You've got to focus on the metrics that are both actionable

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Sitemap for Zen Cart

A Sitemap (also called Site Map) is one of the basics for any website. It's quite simple in what it does but that doesn't diminish it's value. Your Zen Cart Sitemap is a list of the pages on your site. It is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata

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