Super Orders Plugin for Zen Cart

When it comes to managing order from your Zen Cart, there are three approaches.  Use the default Orders function, export the order to a third-party system or install the Super Orders Plugin for Zen Cart. The default system covers the basics but much more is possible than the default order pages provide. Super Orders for

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SEO Friendly URL’s

A lot has been written about SEO Friendly URLs.  Some of it is confusing and misleading.  Zen Cart URLs can be crawled just fine by all the major search engines so the 'friendly' part is a misnomer. A more appropriate name would be People Friendly URLs.  These two urls are for the same page:

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Sales Report Plugin for Zen Cart

The Sales report Plugin for Zen Cart is one of those great little tools. It won't replace an accounting program but will answer many basic and some not so basic sales questions.  As expected, you can run reports on sales this week, last month, year to date, etc. If you need some basic info on

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MailChimp Newsletter Plugin for Zen Cart

Keeping in touch with your customers is essential.  There are lots of ways to do that these days but one of the most effective is still with an email newsletter.  The MailChimp Newsletter Plugin for Zen Cart is the best option for several reasons. Integration is seamless (better than any other service). Free and low

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Google Analytics Conversion Sources

Google Analytics is a highly recommended analytics package. It's free but also very powerful. There is much useful data to be gathered and analyzed but arguably the most useful, since we are talking about eCommerce Zen Carts here, is conversion data.  Conversions are defined as completed orders. We all engage in various forms of marketing

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Ty Package Tracker Plugin for Zen Cart

Customer service *begins* when your customer places an order. A receipt with helpful and appropriate information is usually next...but don't stop there. If you continue to provide helpful and appropriate order information, your customer will be more likely to re-order from you and to tell their friends about the great experience they had buying from

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USPS Shipping Module Version 4

A new version of the USPS Shipping Module has been released.  Along with the general improvements that come with a new version, the ability to get rate quotes for either Retail or Online pricing has been added.  This further increases your ability to control the prices your customers pay for shipping and control your bottom

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Image Handler Plugin for Zen Cart

The Image Handler plugin for Zen Cart will speed up the back-end administration for you *and* speed up the front end for your visitors.  A fast website has always been important and with Google using page speed as part of their ranking algorithm, it's even more important than ever. Images are certainly a big part

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What is DNS propagation?

DNS propagation is one of those techy things that rarely comes up in conversation but is important to understand if you ever move your website to a new hosting company.  It's the whole reason your site is 'down' for a few hours during the move.  It's not the files, those can be copied to the

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